Sunday, April 24, 2016

As many of you have been praying for our Vika, we now ask you to prayer some more about some other exciting news!!!  We have begun the process on Vika's adoption and  we now are just waiting to see if she is adoptable and if so when.  This process may take several weeks or months.  Yes-we want to adopt her and she wants us to adopt her!!!!  We also want to follow God's plan for our family.  We are able to talk to Vika often and we can't wait to see her in 52 days!!!!  God has also opened our hearts to host another girl from Ukraine.  We are excited, scared, nervous and yes we need funds.  We also know that God funds what He favors.  We ask that you pray for our family, Vika and "Y" as she comes to meet us for the first time.  "Y'' is also from the same region that God sent me to on my very first mission trip to Ukraine.  If you would like to support us in hosting "Y" please donate to, put our name on it and "Y" 13.  We ask that you join us in prayer as God unfolds this journey of Faith.
HostedHOLD LA Yuliana (13)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

God's Special Plan

Summer plan update on Vika and more info to come later.  If you would like to be part of Vika's summer return please feel free to donate to our hosting program Gugliemo's Hope.  Please make sure that you put our name on it and Vika's (10-Sumy)  I ask that you continue to pray for her, our family and the future that God has for her.  I also ask that you pray for me while I am on a mission trip in Ukraine from Feb. 10-21st!!!  Please pray for protection, safety and good health for the team that I will be serving with in Ukraine. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ukraine Here I Come!!!

I am so excited to let you know that I am going to Ukraine on a mission trip!  On February 10, I will be accompanying a group of ladies to Ukraine to help minister to orphans.  We will be taking needed items to the children and help with items that the orphanages might be in need of.  I am asking that you pray for our health and safety while we are in Ukraine.  If you would like to help with donated items please let me know.  Items that we will be taking and are in need of are: 200 dental kits, girly stuff like nail polish(about 35 dollar tree polishes), hair items, hygiene items, makeup for the teen girls, small art craft kits, smelly good items for the boys, small toy cars, bounce balls, balls, school supplies, and for all kids gloves, hats, and scarves. We also will need monetary donations that will help us purchase fruits, candies and juice while visiting the orphanages.  If you are interested in helping with donations please let me know.  As I have already asked, please pray for us while we are away from our families and pray that God will be shown to these children and adults that we come in contact with.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

God is God in The Storm

This blog comes to you with a heavy and saddened heart.  I can say that I was not prepared for the text that I received today from our hosting company.  Vika is sick and in the hospital in Ukraine.  It looks like at this time that she will not be able to come even though I know that God can allow a Miracle if He chooses to do so but if He doesn't we will continue to praise Him in this storm.  Please pray for Vika's healing and our family.  Yes, we are sad and upset but God got us this far and He will continue to carry us through. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Donate Friday!!!

Let's have some fun today!  Most of you met our host child this summer-Vika.  She was absolutely a blessing to our family and we can't wait to see her again.  If you would like to donate please feel free to do so by donating to www.heartforhosting,com,  Put our names on it and Vika's.  Today is 106 days before she gets to come back but we need your help.  You might want to donate $6, $10, $16, $106, $1060, $60, or whatever God tells you to donate.  We appreciate your love, prayers and support during this time in the life of our family and Vika's.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

107 days!!!!!

There are only 107 days until Vika comes back to America!  We can't wait to see her and have her back.  Please continue to pray for her safety, health and that she would feel God's arms wrapped around her until she returns.  If you would like to donate to help bring her home for a few weeks please donate to  Please make sure that you put Kirk and Sherrie Albritton for VIka age 10 on the donation.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  We only need $2,900.00!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

I know you all have been waiting to hear from us about V.  Well, I don't really have a lot to say other than we miss her terribly!!!  We wonder what she is doing, does she miss us, is she happy, sad, hungry, and did she like all the surprises we packed in her backpack.  Maybe not so worried about the last comment (LOL).  Honestly, if we had not be relying on our Lord for peace through all of this we would not have made it this far.  We are so Thankful that He led her to us.  Even though it's been painful we are ready to do it again and see V.  So, you wonder where you come into this?  I am so glad you asked.  V will be here December 18 and we need your prayers and support.  We need you to continue to pray for her safety, peace for her and that she continues to stay physically healthy.  Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for her coming and as we still need to raise $2,900.00 as soon as possible. It was $3,000.00 but God has already led someone to give.  Praise the Lord!  If you would like to donate to V's return please make check payable to Guglielmo's Hope.  We have been asked to turn in all donations to the company.  This helps cut down on pay pal fees.  Remember it is a non-profit organization so you will receive a tax receipt for your donation.  Once again, Thank you for loving our family!!!!!